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Multiple Backlink Checker: Google Backlink - Msn Backlink - Yahoo Backlink - Altavista Backlink - Alltheweb Backlink.
The advantages of this system are listed below:
• CasCandra Backlink Checker Tool will give to you the total links that they find indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, and Alltheweb.
• Multiple checking instead of one by one.
• Finding out the values quickly. 8 - 25 Seconds for 10 Domains.
• Fast Backlink Checking System. Link Popularity Checker. Search Engine Optimization Tools, SEO Tools, Web Tools.
• This tool checks google, yahoo, msn, altavista, alltheweb backlinks of 10 urls at once.
• By using there free back link checker you can see what sites are linking back to your sites.
• This tool will query the major search engines such as Google, Msn, Yahoo, Altavista and Alltheweb to determine how many pages on the internet contains links to your sites.
• You can show result order by (total backlinks, google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, msn backlinks, altavista backlinks, alltheweb backlinks) and sort by ascending or descending.
• BACKLINK CHECKER: Backlinks are a measure of your websites importance on the web. You need relevant backlinks to your website from well established sites to rank well in search engines ranking pages. Use our backlink checker to find out websites linking to your site.
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