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The basic necessities of man are food, clothing and shelter. This clearly portrays the relevance of clothing in his day today life. It is the means by which he hides his nakedness. Above all, clothing protects man from the extremities of weather. It guards him from the worst environment conditions.

The practice of clothing generally follows a tradition that has been set up by ancestors. People are accustomed to use to the same mode of clothing that their ancestors used. There can be difference in the appearance and it is generally defined as fashion. Yet, the basic looks remain the same.

Clothing pattern can be similar for people belonging to a region or area. This can be mostly due to the climatic conditions of that particular region. Traditional cultures also have a great role in determining this similarity in clothing pattern.

Clothing widely varies from one part of the country to another. The material of cloth also varies like this. This can be the influence of higher availability of particular cloth material in each part of the world. As mentioned, basic use of clothing is protection from climatic conditions. In region of extreme hot, cotton clothes are mostly preferred. It is to withstand the heat of sun. In regions where summer is long, people use cotton clothes.

People living in winter season, mostly prefer woolen clothes. Blankets and sweaters make a large proportion of clothing for people belonging to such region. Their clothing styles include caps and shawls also. Color of clothes also affects the intensity of temperature as felt by people. Black clothes are not advisable to use in places of extreme temperature. People living in region of varying climatic conditions are advised to switch their pattern according to the season.

Clothing patterns are changing under the name fashion. People explore different style and variety in the clothes they use. Apart from the basic materials of cotton are woolen clothes, clothes made of artificial or synthetic fabrics etc are widely used by modern man. Trends determine clothing style in modern world. Apart from all these, clothing style of people varies from occasions to occasions. He uses party wears for parties, official wears for official purposes, casual wears for casual purposes.

With the advent of clothing styles, clothing industries are increasing in number. They become a means of living for large number of people all over the world. Though people are going after fashion, there are classes of people clinging to tradition and culture. Whatever be the style you follow, make it a point that it suits you. It must be suitable for your appearance, and most importantly to the environmental conditions of your place. In short, clothing must be able to deliver all the purposes, it is supposed to.
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