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Games have evolved throughout the years. Back then, games were restricted to various physical sports and the like. In the mid 1900s, people started to play games in varying abstract forms such as board games, puzzles, and quizzes among others. Today, digital games that feature the most popular sports activities and board games are now played by the majority of people around the world.

These digital games have also changed through the developmental progress of the software and computer industries. Even the Internet has its share of the limelight when it comes to the improvements done on the game industry. Games are now played on computers connected to the Internet.

This allows players across the globe to play a particular game in real time while interacting with each other through a virtual platform. The development of high-capacity data storage devices and powerful graphics rendering equipment has spawned new 3-dimensional games that can be played by a multitude of people with computers and Internet connections around the world. Modern audio equipment has even bolstered the playability and entertainment aspect of these computer games.
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